Strength through triangulation
in Wing Chun

By Steven Leah

Triangles or pyramid shapes can be seen throughout Wing Chun. It’s a shape that is strong, easy to apply and is highly functional.

Triangulation strength applied to Wing Chun comes from the way our bodies are jointed as opposed to an animal which many other branches of Kung Fu draw their fighting skills from. The basic Wing Chun square stance and fighting stance are strong and stable because of the way they are made up of triangular shapes. This in turn gives the Wing Chun practitioner support and stability whilst applying hand and arm techniques, which are also made up of triangular shapes.

When employed correctly the effective use of triangulation in your Wing Chun work will enable you to use the triangle shapes inherent strength so you do not need to use muscular strength and thus tense your body. This is then how Wing Chun fighters overcome an attackers muscular strength whilst using very little of their own.

For more information on this subject ask your Sifu.